Wednesday 20 March 2013

Need Recommended Resources on Healthy Relationships & Dating Abuse for Teens?

One of our BCSTH members was developing a new program and asked:
"What are some good resources on healthy relationships and dating abuse that would hold the interest of Grade 10 boys and girls?"

Other BCSTH members replied with their recommendations:
'I like to use the video "A Love That Kills". It is about 20 minutes and it shows a good representation of how abusive relationships start. It is Canadian and a true story.' [NFB, 2006, 19 min, available for loan as VHS or DVD from the BCSTH Library]

'I found the book "Save the Date: A Curriculum for Teens on Developing Healthy Dating Relationships" to be helpful. [Family Violence Project, 2007. Available for loan from the BCSTH Library] 

Also there is a film by Break the Cycle called "Ending Violence". [Interactive DVD with supporting materials, 2009. Available for loan from the BCSTH Library]

With these two resources I have been able to create a thorough 5-session plan for grades 9-12.' 

'These two suggestions are great. I also like to use the Red Cross program "What's Love Got to Do With It."' 
[The Red Cross has a program called RespectED with several components, including  #3 Preventing Youth Relationship Violence for youth in Grades 6 - 12. The BCSTH Library catalogue links to the website so you can access this information.]

WANT MORE? These are just a few more of the current resources that you will find in the BCSTH Library catalogue:


  • Respectful Relationships - developed by BCSTH member organization Salt Spring Women Opposed to Violence and Abuse (SWOVA). A national and provincial award-winning schools-based primary violence prevention program for youth. 

Fact Sheets/Basic Info/Help:

  • In Their Shoes: Teens & Dating Violence, Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2012. We have both the regular edition and the classroom edition. The classroom edition can be used in a 50 min class. [Available for loan]
  • It's Just  a Game. Or is it? (DVD, 39 min, 2009, SAFFRON, Alberta) [Available for loan]
For Teens:
  • Respect: A girl's guide to getting respect and dealing when your line is crossed. (2005, Free Spirit Pub) [Available for loan]
  • In Love and Danger: A teen's guide to breaking free of abusive relationships. (2006, Seal Press.) [Available for loan]
For People Working with Teens:
  • Helping Teens Handle Tough Experiences: Strategies to Foster Resilience. (2008, Search Inst. Press) [Available for loan]
  • Eyes Wide Open: Seeing How Violence Affects Us All: A manual for group work with teens. (2001, Centre for Children & Families in the Justice System). [Available for loan]
What works?
  • Programs to reduce teen dating violence and sexual assault: perspectives on what works. Columbia Univ Press, 2009. [Available for loan]
  • Youth Dating Violence - a summary of what works, and programs,  from 2002 (School-Based Violence Prevention Programs: A Resource Manual, RESOLVE Alberta)

Please visit the BCSTH Library to learn more about resources and information services developed especially for members of the BC Society of Transition Houses, and contact us for more information. 
Deb & Tina, Co-Librarians
BC Society of Transition Houses
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada